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With Geo-Wiki pictures you can photograph landscapes and share them with your friends and colleagues through, using the visualization capacity of Google Earth.

Pictures Geo Wiki

Your photographs will be automatically geo-referenced and tagged with information such as compass direction and the angle of tilt. is a community of volunteers that are helping to validate global landcover maps derived from satellites. Global landcover maps are used to inform decisions in a number of important areas such as climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity. Your photographs can help us to improve the quality and the validity of these maps.


  1. Take photographs of landscapes while on holiday or while out with your friends, which automatically provides a geographic coordinate, the compass direction and the angle of tilt.
  2. Tag the photographs with any additional comments or text.
  3. Tag the photographs with a land cover type based on a simple to use drop down menu. These land cover types are used to help us validate global land cover maps.
  4. Upload these photos to, a site that allows you to visualize your photographs on Google Earth. The images can be uploaded via mobile connection or stored until you have Wi-Fi access.


Geo-Wiki pictures is currently available for Android 2.3.3+, iPhone / iPad, and Windows Phone:
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